Comparative overview of vocational teacher training in Ukraine and Germany

Romanova Anna, Melnyk Oksana.

  • Anna Romanova
  • Oksana Melnyk
Keywords: vocational teacher training, vocational teaching personnel, standards, regulations, vocational teacher, master, instructor.


The reason for the study has served the precarious and crisis like state of the vocational education in Ukraine, as it was reported during the Parliament Hearings on the 1st June 2016 [8]. The significant element of the vocational education is teaching personnel. The goal of the study is to find out and analyze the problems in the current state of vocational teacher training and teaching personnel in the system of vocational education of Ukraine. For comparison the German system of vocational teacher training has been chosen with the further perspective of development of guidelines for the implementation of the positive foreign experience. In the course of study weak points of the Ukrainian vocational education and vocational teacher training have been found out. The German system, regardless of the federalism of Germany has proved to be effective and may serve as an example of the successful organization of vocational education and vocational teacher education. However, to transfer the positive German experience is impossible without deliberate study of problems, advantages, historical peculiarities and national contexts of both systems.


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