Formation designers` career orientations in the system of art education

Valeriy Orlov.

  • Valeriy Orlov
Keywords: art education, designer, career, career orientations, professional training, development of career orientations.


The problem of forming future designers’ career orientations in art within the national system of art education is rather new and thereby insufficiently studied in Ukrainian professional pedagogy. The topicality of solving the problem of forming and developing career orientations, career competency and designing and building professional career consist in value orientations toward the enhancing role of the human capital. Perspectives of social development are mainly defined by career orientations of the youth, provided conditions for the realization of their potential. Conscious planning of future designers’ professional career is a psychological basis for their further self-realization in creative activity. In the article such notions as “professional career” and “career orientations” have been specified and the сonnection between them has been revealed. It has been highlighted that young people are perplexed with the freedom of choice as they become spontaneous, do not consider different factors before they make important decisions, are not ready for competitive market relations and, as a result, for many critical situations related to the development of professional career. The expediency of developing and implementing the methodology of value orientations diagnostics in career has been emphasized.


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