Psychological defensive mechanisms of the participants of school bulling in adolescence

Pogorilska N.І., Stolyar A.O.

  • N.І. Pogorilska
  • A.O. Stolyar
Keywords: adolescence, psychological defense, bullying, school bullying, psychological defense mechanisms, behavioral strategies.


The relevance of the topic can be explained by the fact that the issue raised in the article is hardly studied in our country both from theoretical and practical positions. Bullying is an extremely widespread phenomenon in the modern school, and also there is a tendency to increase the number of this phenomenon cases in adolescence among students of secondary schools. It should be noted, that modern psychology has accumulated considerable material, revealing the dynamics, mechanisms and factors of adolescents’ psychological defenses, but there is a lack of empirical studies devoted to the study of different types of psychological defense among adolescents exposed bullying. Therefore, today the problems of psychological defense and bullying are among the most urgent and most discussed. The article analyzes the psychological defense peculiarities of school bullying members in adolescence. The interpretation of the concept of psychological defense and bullying has been revealed. Psychological defense mechanisms, which are often used by teenagers, are named in the article. The results of empirical research about the role distribution of participants among school students bullying 7 – 8 – graders are represented, as well as psychological defense mechanisms and behavioral strategies of various school bullying participants. The sample of the study was 62 students of 7-8 grades of secondary school. We used the following methods: questionnaire «Life Style Index» by LSI R.Plutchik; the technique of diagnosis of the dominant psychological defense strategy in communication and conflict situations by V.V.Boyko; a bullying questionnaire (self-assessment) in the modification of V.R.Petrosiants. Correlation links between psychological defense mechanisms and the role, which a teenager plays in the school bullying, have been found. Thus, the most used mechanisms of psychological defense for Witnesses are suppression and regression. The most commonly used protective mechanisms for Victims are Jet Formation and Intellectualization. The main protective mechanisms of bullying are projection, negation and substitution.


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