Empirical research on professional identity of vocational and technical schools student

Radzimovska O.

  • O. Radzimovska
Keywords: professional identity, professional development, students of vocational schools, vocational schools, vocational training.


In the article the relevance of research and development of professional identity of students of vocational schools is considered. The concept of «professional identity», generalized by the modern authors, and the author's own definition of professional identity of the vocational institution student is presented. The article determines the parts of professional identity (components, indicators, status), and presents the results obtained in empirical research aimed at identifying the level of professional identity of the vocational schools students. The author analyzes the specificity of professional identity of students of different years of study and different specialties within the Service Industries. The study of external and internal factors of professional identity revealed some problems that need rethinking and require changes. Using factor analysis, which is presented in the article, allowed to process data and to combine a large number of professional identity indicators selected for study into groups called factors. The «professional self» factor was selected as the primary one, and a relation between it and other factors was discovered. The empiric study showed that professional identity of students of vocational schools (Service Industries) has an average level of development; while emotional and volitional and design-behavioral components are more developed and motivation-value component is less developed; the specificity of professional identity is affected by the field of professional specialization (future bartenders, waiters and junior specialists in catering have higher numerical values in motivational value, emotional and volitional components of professional identity, personal professional activity and positive attitude to work, while future sales show higher values on a scale of «alternative professional identity».


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