Qualification frameworks: lessons from the United Kingdom for Ukraine

Snizhana Leu.

  • Snizhana Leu
Keywords: qualifications frameworks, qualification system, development, VET, work, labour market, standard, innovation.


Under the conditions of modernization and upgrading the current education system of Ukraine, euro integration processes, searching for further development ways and tools for the country in general there is a great need in studying good practices around the world. The experience of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the field of vocational education and training is especially attracted as the country has a prominent place among the countries with highly developed economy and is the “motherland” of VET innovations. This study is also being conducted in the framework of more general research of standardisation specific features of VET system in Great Britain and one of the components is the study of qualification frameworks design and development. Step-by-step changes of qualification frameworks of the UK to incorporate at the most all possible specific issues of its education and training system, a person’s and labour market’s need and demands, current conditions of the country development etc. pushed to review the historical transformations of qualifications frameworks in the UK and study their specific features as the National Qualification Framework of Ukraine was launched in 2011. At present it is being transformed according to the changes of the education system of Ukraine, growing demand in better qualification system design, improving the quality of education and training in accordance with European development objectives etc. The article represents mostly structural changes and specific features of qualifications frameworks in the UK as it is highly important to realise that the changes can and must lead to better results taking into account all the specific features of the current situation in Ukraine. The results and conclusions of the EU TWINNING project “Modernisation of legal standards and principles for vocational education in line with the European policy on lifelong learning” realised by the EU Commission and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine (2012-2014) to support the legislation and structural changes in Ukraine are represented in the article as they have great importance for further researches in VET field. In 2015 European Training Foundation (ETF) made the Inventory of NQF recent developments in ETF’s partner countries and studied the experience of Ukraine as well. So, its results and conclusions also play an important role for this studying and they are to be represented in the article. The developments of the article show that frameworks are to stay and play an important role in promoting and modernising education, training and lifelong learning as they support the continuous development and change taking into account the needs and possibilities of present society of the country together with the external affects that can have a great influence.


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